In conjunction with the CPSLO CMAA Student Chapter and CMAA Southern California Student Outreach, Karl Kreutziger, President, CW Driver Companies, and Michael Boomsma, SVP, Cordoba Corporation, spent the lunch hour talking with the CPSLO CM student body on Thursday, May 30, 2019.  Attendance exceeded expectations, with over 50-attendees, as students were eager to participate in, Kickstart Your Career: Making the Most of Your Early Years.  Students pre-fed topics-of-interest such as; Identifying a Mentor, Setting Realistic Career Goals, Managing Your Manager, Maintaining a Life/Work Balance, Incorporating Theoretical Knowledge into Practical Application, and Differentiating Yourself in a New Company for Short & Long Term Success.  Karl and Michael discussed their start in the industry, their paths to where they are now, and provided their insight into the pre-fed topics; the CPSLO CM emerging professionals are thoughtful, conscious, and equipped with a great perspective on what to expect in their early years.

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