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CMAA - Southern California Chapter

Introducing CMAA SoCal’s

 New Workforce Development Initiative

 for CM Early Practitioners

In an age defined by rapid technological progress and ever-changing project demands, coupled with a projected shortage in the Construction Management workforce, it is imperative to cultivate a skilled and knowledgeable workforce capable of navigating today's intricate challenges.  In response to this pressing need, CMAA Southern California is excited to introduce a new Workforce Development Initiative – cmX , led by Dr. Elhami Nasr.  We recognize its profound impact, not just on the industry's vitality, but also on the ambitions of future generations propelling our industry forward.  By investing in the professional growth and development of our workforce today, we not only enhance industry standards but also empower the next generation with the knowledge and expertise essential for navigating the dynamic landscape of tomorrow.

CMAA - Southern California Chapter

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